Our Beginning
The congregation of Holy Cross, Elizaebth was formed from three previously existing congregations in Elizabeth, which had been founded by the Anglican Home Missions Society; St Paul's Elizabeth North, St Theodore's, Elizabeth South and St Christopher's, Elizabeth Vale.

The new congregation celebrated the holy eucharist for the first time on Advent Sunday, 2nd of December 1979.The present day church was dedicated and licensed on the Feast of the Holy Trinity, 6th June 1980.

About Us
The people of Holy Cross are a people of bold faith. We know that God is at work here. We beilieve that He has great plans for us and we are ready to play our part in His mission.

We are a connected community; welcoming diversity, developing relationships and offering hospiltaly. We know we are not alone in sharing God's love and value the opportunity to work with others to build God's kingdom.

We are a visible, dynamic and recognisable presence in the Playford community. People know who we are, what we do and in whose name we do it. Our Chruch is open, vibrant and known as a place of gathering and welcome. Being the hands of God in this place drives all that we do.

We are a learning community. We are open to new ideas, empowering and nurturing leadership by being Biblically literate, articulate and inclusive.
Our Vision
The people of Holy Cross are people of bold faith.
We know that God is at work here. We believe that God has great plans for us and we are ready to participate in God’s Mission. This is the church we are becoming and will be in the future.

We are a church made up of networked smaller groups and communities.
Perhaps meeting at different times and in different places, but nevertheless, a connected community of faith, praying together, learning, worshipping and delivering coordinated ministries in the rapidly growing Playford population.

Diversity is key.
We welcome diversity and offer a diversity of welcome.Our worship and fellowship are flexible, varied and inclusive of everyone, regardless of their age or culture.

We are a community of invitation, blessed with the gift of hospitality.
Our Soul Cafe program affirms this. In the offering of a meal, we are offering the hospitality and spiritual nourishment of Christ, feeding far more than hungry bodies.

We focus on developing relationships
To strengthen our community of faith we offer coordinated worship and ministry programs. We are in partnership with Anglicare, working closely together, particularly with regard to the programs and activities offered at this site and others in Playford.

We are always more interested in people than programs. We have close relationships with people working in our schools like St Columba and Trinity College and have made connections in other local schools. We value our relationships with those working at the RAAF base, in local hospitals and nursing homes. We look for opportunities to do God’s work together.

We are a visible, recognisable and dynamic church in the Playford area and online.
We are seen and heard so that people can see and hear the gospel, and our invitation to join us in worship, a meal, God’s work in the world.

We are the hands of God in this place.
Nurturing, building and sustaining, teaching and guiding, loving and comforting our community, we make God known. We make His loving presence felt through our actions in this place so we are proactive, looking for opportunities to serve and make God known in Christ.

Therefore, people know us and what we do but most importantly, they know in whose name we do it. We don’t hide our light under a bushel –we boast, not in our own deeds, but in Christ.
Our physical presence on this site is open welcoming, vibrant. Alive during the week with a variety of activities. People gather here – to worship, to celebrate, to enjoy fellowship and hospitality, to learn.

We are a learning community.
We pray and read the Bible together to grow in knowledge, understanding, and faith and we help others to do the same. We seek to learn more about our God, our world, our mission, our neighbours and ourselves.So we are open to new ideas. We look for opportunities to learn and grow. We are permission givers. We allow people to try new things and to explore God’s will and purposes.

Our activities and decisions empower and nurture leadership. We provide opportunities for people to learn new skills and encourage people to discover their gifts and to use them to bless our community.
Our community reads and studies the Bible. We are biblically knowledgeable and ready and able to share our knowledge with others in a way that is accessible and inclusive.

This is the Church of The Holy Cross in Elizabeth
All are welcome
Our Next Steps
As a member of the wider Anglican Ministries in Playford, Holy Cross is committed to working with our Anglican Partners in Playford to serve the local community, serve God and share the good news of Christ. 

Anglican Ministries in Playford (AMIP) is an emerging ministry group of Anglican churches and Anglican agencies throughout the Playford area.  Holy Cross' partners in AMIP are;
  • St Catherines, Elizabeth Downs,
  • Anglicare SA,
  • St Columba College, and
  • The Anglican Diocese of Adelaide

As our AMIP journey continues, we look forward with faith and hope to strengthening existing areas of ministry, and  discerning and developing  new opportunities for ministry and mission in the Playford area.

We are confident that together we can more effectively serve the communities in which we live, work and play.