Our Worship Styles
At Holy Cross we offer a range of worship styles suitable to the diverse needs of the community. 

Our Sunday 8am service follows a contemporary Anglican liturgy in an intimate and relaxed setting. In the place of a sermon, we together explore scripture, sharing our thoughts and reflections.

Our Sunday 10am service follows a contemporary Anglican sung liturgy in a more formal setting. Music is an important element of this service, with parts of the liturgy sung and a blend of traditional and modern hymns that support the scriptural message.

Our 2pm Sunday service follows the Anglican liturgy spoken and sung in the South Sudanese Dinka language. Music and dance are a feature of our 2pm service, creating a high energy worship atmosphere.

Our weekday and Saturday services and fellowship groups offer a diverse range of worship opportunites and styles to help explore and understand our faith. Through, liturgy,  bible study, reflection, gathering to share a meal and gathering in fellowship with each other, we offer welcome to all who join us to explore more about our faith and Christ's presence in our lives and the world.
Our Weekly Gatherings
English Language Eucharist (Said)                                          8:00am
English Language Eucharist (Sung)                                        10:00am
Dinka Language Eucharist (Sung)                                           2:00pm

Morning Prayer                                                                                9:00am
Enchanted Cafe (Playford Alive Shopping Centre)            4:00pm
Bible Study

Morning Prayer                                                                                9:00am

English Language Eucharist                                                       10:00am
Fellowship Group                                                                           11:00am
Dinka Youth Group                                                                         6:00pm

Men's Breakfast (1st Saturday of the Month)                        9:00am
Dinka Mothers Union Prayer Group                                         10:00am
Dinka Choir Practice                                                                      3:00pm

Opening Times

Our doors are open to the public for personal prayer and reflection, to join one of our morning prayer services, or to meet one of our Parish priests; Rev. Jo Smith and Bishop Tim Harris, each Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00am to approximately 11:00am, and Friday from 10:00am to approximately 12 noon.

This is the Church of The Holy Cross in Elizabeth
All are welcome